Tales of an 8th Grade Teacher
Advice on Plagiarism

Every year I have one who tries it, gets caught, and then thats the end of that. 

Until just now.

Last week a student of mine was caught plagiarizing his research paper. All school policies were followed: calling the parent (who didn’t fight it or deny it, so no conference was necessary), sending it home with the sources to be signed, student received a zero on the assignment with the option of resubmitting with a 60, so it does sink his grade completely. 

Currently, I am grading the end of term reading inventories. Everything was going fine until…BAM… the SAME student plagiarized this as well. After being caught the first time. 

I have never, ever had this happen before. I think the consequences should be greater since it was his second offense (in the same week at that!). I’m trying to make sure I am thinking logically and rationally before sending an email/call home, but I am so angry. 

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    Does your school have an academic honesty policy with a discipline matrix for abuse of the policy?
  4. whirringg said: absolutely! the consequence should be greater. I have had four students plagiarize their lit circle work this unit and all of them are getting zeros with no chance for making it up. Being strict with plagiarism now will hopefully stop it later on
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    This is so unfortunate, yet relevant. Our school just started using Turnitin.com to prevent things like this. I’ve had...
  6. teaching-everydayisdifferent said: This happened to me and the AP history teacher with the same student. After he pulled the same nonsense he was kicked out of the class with a withdraw passing, he was kicked out of NHS, and he was suspended for one day. Cheating is serious.
  7. smac1066 said: wait until tomorrow to send the email and even then have someone check it before you send.
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